Sold items

Sterling Silver Salver

Carved Mantelpiece Mirror

Industrial Street Lights

Moss Lamp

Art-Deco Pheasant

Round Gilt Mirror

Antique Boull’e Clock

Marble-Top Chess Table

Art-Deco French 1920-30’s

Etched Glass Steins

Wooden Figure

Bronze Senator; French 19th c.

Viennese Clock

Converted Lamps

Oils nude reclining

Antique Giltwood Mirror

Antique Crocodile cig’ box

Male Torso

Antique Tantalus Decanters

Paris bust

Onyx Column

Antique Japanese Satsuma Vases

Brunsviga Machine

Sunflowers & Poppies

Roman General, modern

Ammunition box

Cigar Box Guitar

Chinese Painting on Silk

Japanese Wood Block Prints

Antique Whitbread pint ad

Tibetan Thangka Wheel of Life

Persian Bokhara Wool Rug

Sterling Silver c1860

Crystal Ball Watch

Rostrand Majolica Swedish

Swivel Office Chair

Art-Deco Lady Figure

Winchester Rifle replica

19th c. Skeleton Domed Clock

Victorian Davenport Walnut

Victorian Davenport

Art-Deco Carved Wood Head

Art-Deco skater figure

Antique French Cherub

French Floor Lamp

Chinese after Xu Beihong

Large Thangka

Gilt Brass Inkstand

Victorian Top Hat

Baby Grand Piano

Recumbent Lions

Ormithology print

Mulan on paper

Buddha Figures

David Roberts antique prints

Regency Card Table

Victorian Walnut Nursing Chair

Art-Deco Chandelier

Art Deco Fairy Clock

Art Deco Clock

Bronze Buddha

Brass & Copper Steam Ship Lights

Bronze Ganesh Figure

Patinated Bronze Buddha


Edwardian Vitrine

Flint-lock Pistol

Ecclesiastical Embroideries framed

19th century bronze lady figure

A cylindrical glass cabinet on legs

Victorian Walnut Chair

Studio Pottery Jar

Greco composition

Gargoyle Figure

Victorian Engraving

Persian Rugs

Mexican Tiger Head

Spear Cane Stick

Armoured Helmet replica

Infant figure


African head mask

Carved wood parrot antiques shop Hove BrightonEcclesiastical Altar Lamp Brass 90cm high
Antiques French Art Deco Pheasant figure
Industrial lights
An antique spelter cherub figure on marble base, holding a lamp, signed L. Gregoire French late 19th century
Victorian Davenport
silver and semi precious stone ring
Large Glazed Stonwear Eagle figure