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Deco Birds; French 1920-30’s

Persian rug Last Supper

Persian rug Shiraz 258X132cm

George 3rd Pine Chest

Joker’s Arm-Chair

Art-Nouveau Silver Tazzas

Victorian portrait of an army officer

Victorian Microscope

Chinese Ruyi Sceptre

Chinese Vases converted

Venus de-Milo antique bronze 19th c.

Bronze Head Figure

Silver Rings

Bohemian etched amber glass beaker

Bronze Head Figure; 20th c.

Art-Deco Clock; French 1920-30’s

Pair of Leather Wing-Back Arm-Chairs

Sterling Silver Candlesticks

Antique French Bureau

Persian Rug Bokhara Iran

Matching Chandeliers

Carved Wooden Bench

Oil Portrait c1858

Gold and Amethyst

Vienna Campana Vases

1930’s Art-Deco Ceiling Light

Altar Lamp

Antique French Bronze

Victorian Pier Cabinet

Antique Cairo-Ware; 19th c.

Glass Cubes Ceiling Light

Carved Gilt Italian Lamp

Elkington Candle holder

Large Glazed Eagle

Antique Bedroom Screen

French Figural Lamps

Sasha Wardell Studio Pottery

Edwardian Pembroke Table

Ram Head

Antique portrait

Antique Iron Coal Scuttle

Silver Rings 2

Propeller Clock

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